Nose rings and plugs

It is often underestimated how many different variants there are in the area of the nose rings and plugs. The selection of plugs for the nose is huge. You have variety not only with the models but with the materials also. You can choose the shape and color of the nose jewelry and express your individual ideas.

Nose - Piercing jewelry

Most popular are safe nose plugs made of high quality surgical steel. This material is the classic in the piercing field and it has proven itself over decades. However the classic stainless steel is no longer the only available option. No, you can also buy nose rings in with glitter, with strass, crystals, gold plated and/or with zircon gems.

Nose plug in curved form

If you have chosen a nasal plug design and you have chosen your preferred material, the question is whether you prefer a curved nose plugs or straight nose plugs. Some of our customers believe that bent nose plugs are easier to remove from the nose and can be reinserted. In the end, it is a matter of personal taste, which kind of nose jewelry you prefer. Which form of nose plugs can be used more easily is a matter of routine. In any case, it is certain that you can find a huge selection of bent nose plugs with us at Bling Geek

Straight nose plugs

You can also order Nose Plugs online at cheap prices. As with the curved nose plugs, the selection of straight nose plugs is also very large. From classic, silver or titanium-colored in straight form to colorful glittering with rhinestones and crystals. For example, you can also find piercing rods with a crown shape, a heart motif or a dolphin shape at the end of the piercing rod.

Silver nose rings and plugs

Silver nose piercing plugs are simply the perfect color if you are looking for a classic nose piercing in the original style. Timeless, stylish and elegant, silver nose rings have so far defied every trend and have never gone out of style. They are something like the timeless burners in the field of piercing connectors.

Titanium nose rings

For whom silver is not quite the right material and who likes it "rough”, will find better option in the black or anthracite titanium variants. Titanium has many other advantages compared to other jewelry materials. Titanium is, for example, particularly light, which can be advantageous in the case of a nasal piercing plug. Silver Plated Titanium Piercings can also be ordered cheaply and in excellent quality here at Bling Geek.

Nose rings and plugs in gold and rose gold

Gold and especially rose gold are colors that radiate a special warmth and elegance. They look noble and stylish. It is therefore not surprising that golden and, rose gold nose plugs are in the trend line. They just look great. In addition, it comes not only in the classical form, but also with glitter, that is, with crystals, rhinestones or stones. This combination simply looks mega-elegant. Especially rose gold nose piercing plugs with white crystals make you a real eye catcher.

Take a look at our collection of nose rings and plugs and let us know if you have any questions.