Labrets and lip piercing jewelry

Labrets can be used in various variations in the lip area. On the lower lip or upper lip, but also on the side or the center, it can be used at all positions. Piercing styles like the Medusa, Madonna, Ashley, or Jestrum piercing are stung with the Labret. The shape of the lip plug provides the necessary hold in the lip area. Due to the small plate at the back it can not slide out. The front contains a ball or other shape that is screwed to insert and remove the piercing. The arrangement of several piercings is called Bites. They can be arranged next to each other and symmetrically. Again, there are different names. In the Labrets range we offer great colors, from blue, yellow, green, purple to orange. Also attachments, such as flowers, crowns, crystals or cones, make the labret look unique.

Labrets and lip piercing jewelry

Labret piercings are called piercings in the upper or lower lip. Since the lip provides many places for the placement of piercing jewelry, the possibilities are correspondingly large. Some prefer labret plugs, other prefer to wear rings on the lip, and even the materials you choose are different. You can find large variety of Surgical Steal piercing at Bling Geek.

Bioflex Labret Piercings

Normally Labret Piercings do not have any problems. Some piercing fans, however, have the habit of unconsciously playing with their tongue or teeth with the jewelry. This is basically nothing bad, but if you do it more often with steel piercings, you can permanently damage your teeth or oral mucosa. To avoid this, you can simply buy Bioflex Piercings in our shop. Bioflex or Bioplast Piercings are especially soft, so you can keep your teeth and your gums healthy, even if you play them unconsciously with your tongue.

Medusa Piercings - the new labret piercing trend

The Medusa Piercing is also very stylish. It directs the attention of the viewer to the upper lip. The medusa piercing is worn in the middle of the upper lip and is a special form of the so-called Madonna piercings. The Medusa Piercing is again very popular in recent months and is on the way of becoming the new Labret Piercing trend. Especially in Rose gold it is currently very popular and it is ordered in various variants online. Women find much pleasure in the hip piercing jewelry in the middle of the upper lip.

Madonna Piercing - side labret piercing plug

The Madonna Piercing is usually placed right above the upper lip. As the name suggests, it is named after the famous Madonna, who has a birthmark at this point. This birthmark, also called a beauty spot, is modeled with the Madonna piercing. It is therefore worn in most cases in the form of a Madonna piercing plug to more closely meet the style of the beauty spot. You can also wear Labret piercing rings at this point.

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