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Bridal jewelry sets and all-round jewelry sets for every outfit and taste.

Many of our jewelry are available in shimmering, perfectly matched sets that reflect the wonder and beauty of any light. These jewelry sets also include gold plated and silver accessories encrusted with zircon crystals and freshwater pearls.

Jewelry sets – beautiful accessories that every woman should own.

Why jewelry sets are always a worthwhile purchase and which set best suits your individual type? Bling Geek reveals helpful tips and tricks for an all-round perfect styling and presents many attractive offers to order. Get to know the most beautiful products here!

Only one makes a beautiful woman shine even more - precious jewelry set made of the finest gold or silver: tastefully composed gold plated jewelry sets or 925 sterling silver. In contrast to individual pieces of jewelry, which are combined according to your mood, every single piece of a jewelry set is harmoniously matched to the other pieces. This guarantees a corresponding "round" appearance.

It is therefore no wonder that jewelry sets are in great demand, especially on special occasions. They are ideal when it comes to a really perfect look. Whether as a festive sparkling bridal dress or for the appearance at the next Red Carpet event: With the right jewelry sets you can lend even the simplest dress a touch of Hollywood.

At Bling Geek, you will find the perfect matching jewelry set for every occasion, requirement and purse. From the fashionable leather chain, which comes with the matching bracelet, to the zircon diamond-studded jewelry sets, which guarantee a festive sparkle from the stunningly beautiful necklace with pendant to the earrings. With just a few clicks you can buy high quality jewelry at affordable prices with free worldwide shipping.

And if you are looking for particularly attractive jewelry sets, you should definitely take a look at our current offerings. These festive jewelry sets shine with diamond-sparkling zirconia stones with facet cut, which can’t be distinguished from the naked eye by clear diamonds.

Which jewelry sets match with your color type?

This is why, before you invest any money in a jewelry set, you should find out what is your color and whether silver or gold rings, necklaces & more will fit you better. You can then look specifically for the accessories that are created for you and will match perfectly.

Are you perhaps the Nordic summer type, which, by the way, belongs to the "cool" season types in spite of the warmest season and should therefore only be wearing silver jewelry sets? The summer woman is characterized by a pink to bluish shimmering complexion and usually has blonde to brown hair with ash tone. In addition to smoky blue tones such as pigeon blue, this type also has bluish reds. But even milky nuances are ideal for summer women. That is why you can wear not only jewelry sets made of silver, white gold or cool stainless steel, but also jewelry, precious stones, diamonds or freshwater pearls.

The sensual-warm autumn woman, on the other hand, whose skin has a golden basic tone and whose hair often glow reddish, is perfectly matched with natural earth colors: jewelry sets made of precious metals in warm colors such as yellow gold, rose gold, bronze or copper make this type of woman even more irresistible. Especially in combination with "warm" jewelry and gemstones such as amber or coral.

Or maybe you belong to the "cool" winter type? Bizarrely, the tempered southern woman with olive skin is counted just as this type, as the classic Snow White with snow-white complexion and ebony hair. Since all nuances with yellow or orange are absolute tabs for this season type, silver jewelry sets are only for you. And if you like something more colorful, you'll be well advised with bluish, greenish or cold-white jewelry stones: emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and Tahitian pearls are ideal.

And if you are always as fresh and natural as the spring itself, you are one hundred percent a spring type: women of this season are known for their bright, almost translucent skin with a golden undertone. It is, however, also found in the hair which extends from blonde to brown. For you gold-colored jewelry sets are a must - preferably with colored pearls in brightly colored spring colors like turquoise, light green and sky blue.