Jewelry box designs for your personal collection

Jewelry boxes are the best way to safely store beautiful jewelry. These boxes are usually decorated with soft velvet so that rings, necklaces, bracelets and earplugs are ideally placed without being damaged. The delicate accessories do not suffer from scratches and can be stored in the jewelry case until they are worn again. The jewelry storage also prevents you from searching for individual accessories, which are normally placed in the night table, on the shelf or on the desk the evening before going to bed. It is very risky to leave the smaller jewels on the board in the bathroom. From there, they can land in the sink you can lose it forever – unpleasant and unnecessary. Bling Geek jewelry box designs have not only long tradition but they are also a must have item for precious jewels. Even ancient Greeks and Romans knew the jewelry cases very well, in which they placed their golden bracelets and jewels. In excavations, historians have discovered a variety of such containers. The principle of these small treasure chests and boxes still applies in these modern days. Inside a jewelry box we can find various storage possibilities, so that rings, chains and bracelets have their perfect place. Even when you travel they won’t change this place. Even after a long journey, ladies can look forward to their best preserved accessories of gold, silver and other popular metals.

Jewelry box designs with a great inner life

In a jewelry box, the rings are inserted into the slot provided for this purpose. Chains and bracelets can be placed separately in different compartments. Each jewelry case usually has at least two levels so that the lower part of the jewelry case is suitable for the small pieces. Modern jewelry storage is as uncomplicated as at the beginning of the history of jewelry. Jewelry boxes are available due to the long development in many variants. Small jewelry cases and caskets are made of different upper materials. Many high-quality boxes are covered with leather or colorful durable plastic. Almost every jewelry box design has a small lock, which can be closed after inserting the beautiful jewel. There are also drawers and one or more secret compartment. Many models also have a mirror in the inner lid, in which the lady with the applied jewelry can look at. A jewelry box ensures order and protects large and small precious jewelry from damage and theft.

Jewelry boxes for women and men

If you have many chains, bracelets and rings, you need something to store your jewelry. And for that, nothing is better than a little jewel box: beautiful accessories will be in a dry place, without dusting. First and foremost, it is women who are adorned with earrings, bracelets and the like, but also a men's jewelry case, for example when they are dependent on cufflinks and necktie needles.

The body of the jewelry box can be made entirely of cardboard, metal, plastic, glass or felt. The wooden jewelry box with visible grains is always unique. Carvings and marquetry are particularly beautiful. And certainly you have already seen jewelry in the actual jewelry box, holders for finger rings or jewelry boxes with drawers. A few masterpieces, have a secret cover, which can only be opened with a trick!

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