Industrial Piercing Jewelry, industrial barbells

An industrial piercing is referred to when at least two opposing piercing channels are connected with a piercing jewelry. The most common form is the Industrial Piercing, which basically consists of two helix piercings. Characteristics are, in particular, the long rods that connect the two injection points.

Fashion Industrial Piercing

The very long barbells that are commonly used for this piercing simply look cool and impressive. There is a wide variety of different piercings, which can be worn as industrial. Particularly popular are long rods, which are available in a conventional straight form or with a middle piece, which is rotated and thus reminds of a spiral. The jewelry designers always come up with something new, so even long barbells decorated with a colorful crystal are no longer a rarity. Apart from the classic screw balls, conical tips are also very popular.

The possibilities to pierce an industrial piercing are very diverse. Whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The way in which industrial ultimately is arranged depends, above all, on the anatomy of the individual. Especially in the ear area the variants are diverse, but it can happen that not everyone can wear an industrial piercings.

A belly-hook piercing can also be worn as an industrial piercing. Again, of course, a piercing channel is not enough. In an industrial abdomen piercing, the lower skin fold is additionally punctured, so that a long barbell can be used vertically. Also possible is a horizontally placed industrial piercing in the belly. Whether you can wear an industrial belly, depends strongly on the particular anatomy. With a strongly outward arched navel, you can not wear this piercing.

Care instructions for Industrial Piercing

As mentioned at the outset, in the case of industrial piercing two skin parts are pierced. The best known example is the industrial piercing in the ear, which consists of two connected helix piercings. The outer edge of the auricle is called the helix. This cartilaginous tissue is usually punctured with a hollow vein catheter. Some piercers prefer to pierce two helix piercings first and use the industrial only after healing. In the second variant, the industrial is used directly after the pricking. The advantage with this method is that the piercing can heal in its finished form. This Piercing should only be pierced by experienced Piercers, since a very exact procedure is absolutely necessary. In any case, the method of punching is recommended. The tissue is punched out and removed. During piercing, the fabric is retained and is merely displaced. The healing time of a pinned industrial piercings is much shorter

Healing of an industrial piercings

The healing time depends very much on the chosen piercing method. An engraved industrial heals much worse than one punched. The engraved industrial can already have a healing period between 6 and 12 months, while the dotted need only a few weeks. As a rule one speaks of a period of 2 to 4 weeks. However, these periods are not guaranteed. How fast a piercing heals, always depends on the particular tissue and the care of the piercings.

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