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Every girl chooses jewellery in her personal manner, most individuals take note of two components: worth and look. And solely when the customer is dependent on these two standards, he begins to keep in mind different issues like form of the metal, sort of the metal and stone, jewellery fashion. And as we speak we’are going to start out with classicism.

The coming season requires a wide range of equipment and traditional  is one thing that by no means goes out of trend. It emphasizes the pure magnificence, model, and character. It is believed for some causes that traditional – is minimalism, however this isn’t true. Classic possesses an awesome attraction as a result of its fairly versatility. Classic – a good taste. Classic jewelry styles characterized of refinement of forms, strict and concise lines and grace, and this style is not subjected to fashion. Because it is relevant in all times and in all seasons.

What distinguishes classic jewelry ?

These artistic periods were characterized by the following details and ornaments:

– Meander, laurel and oak leaves, palmettes, lions (and other) masks, griffins, sphinxes, Egyptian motifs. Less common was variety of military and historical characters (spiral shields, arc, eagles).

These flawless and stagnated mythological motives from time to time are used by modern jewelry designers – for example, the fashion house Versace:

Damiani, BVLGARI, Links Of London, Tiffany, Cartier, Faberge, Chopard are also brands working with classic.

Today, fans of jewelry in classic style does not have to wear a ring with a “mask of a lion” and other animals to emphasize their preferences. Modern jewelry classics (like any classic in principle) – is:

Balance of forms, harmony of proportions, symmetry, restraint and orderliness of decor. The most common form of jewelry is a circle or rectangle.

To distinguish classical gold rings from rococo gold rings is very simple. They have a strict laconic forms and uncharacteristic intricate shapes of rococo – a classic jewelry is in demand up today.

What is included in the classical set of jewelry?

You can wear each jewelry piece individually – rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, pendants. But jewelry sets collected by the master of the ensemble, highlights the unified style of its owner. In the set there is always presented something that unites all of its elements.

But, however, the right to wear a full set that includes: earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet is not necessary. It is considered like a good one : earrings worn with a bracelet and a necklace – with the ring, it’s a classic. You can complement these decorations by wearing a wedding ring. Today, in the modern world classic still dominates in jewelry, fashion sets with colored stones are in fashion. What’s more, it’s allowed to combine diamonds and pearls, and i’m sure that it will never lose its relevance.

Luxury classic in jewelry

Speaking about classic jewelry, it’s impossible not to mention royal jewelry, because their treasures are dominated by jewelry classic. The official (and “day” and “evening”) chronicle of Higher Society can easily teach you how to wear jewelry classic style. For example, in the pictures below you can see a small “master class” of Kate Middleton. This style of jewelry definately suits her, especially I was impressed by the necklaces.

By the way, she wears an engagement ring with blue sapphire of the famous Lady Diana, which is also considered a classic of jewelry genre.

Several tips of jewelry selection

The fragile women should choose a classic in romantic style,  for example, a necklace or brooch with a flower, and addition – ring with a small stone. Large women can not afford to choose more massive classics, and in any case not fragile chain with a scattering of small stones, because a created image can immediately “fall apart.” However, it is not necessary to wear it with sports accessories, such as watches in sporty style. Most importantly, the classic jewelry must be combined with each other in appearance and style.

No matter what the event is expected – wedding, birthday party or a date with your boyfriend, classic jewelry will look great not only with your dazzling evening dress. Because classic is such a style that does not die, but blooms more and more.

You can check our classic jewellery design here.

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