Silver Bracelets and white gold plated bracelets for every taste.

The color of silver bracelets and gold plated bracelets is safe for every outfit but with our bracelets collection you can find models with rhinestones and pearls with which you will always be stylish. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship of our bracelets you can be sure that your choice will always be a nice highlight on your wrist. Fill your personal jewelry box with the various, fashionable top-current bracelets from our collections.

Jewelry is your passion? Our also! Therefore, at Bling Geek, we make the most diverse colors and shapes always up-to-date - whether playful or elegant, ethno or pastel. With the bracelets from Bling Geek, only your imagination is the limit!

Beaded bracelets, pearl bracelets and sterling silver bracelets

To meet every look, we offer different classic models in gold and sterling silver and, of course, the freshwater pearl bracelets. Also popular are the modern stainless steel designs. If you want to try something new, you can also wear a wonderful casual bracelet made of feathers, rhinestones, glass beads or leather, creating a completely new look. Cuffs are open bracelets that are placed around the wrist, the lower or upper arm. The design varies from oriental to delicate graphic design with clean lines and eye-catching color contrasts.

Recently, we can find the interesting Shamballa bracelets on the market. They are Tibetan bracelets representing specific stitch of thread and precious stones. The combination of these can bring peace, harmony and energy to achieve your goals. And that’s why they are even more popular – not only beautiful but trendy and filled with positive energy.

Siver bracelets are maybe the only accessories that will fit any outfit. Plain or decorated with beautiful zircon crystals they will help you complete your outfit and put some more details in it.

Leather Bracelets

The leather bracelet is a stylish accessory, which can emphasize your individuality and make certain stylistic decision in a holistic way. This decoration has a long history. In ancient times leather bracelets were not used as a decoration, but as a protection amulet. These days it is stylish addition to every wardrobe. As a rule - it's the finishing touch that gives a complete picture of the outfit. This stylistic and fashionable solution!

When you purchase a leather bracelet, doesn’t matter if for present or for yourself, special attention should be paid to quality. It is not advisable to purchase a product from highly dense skin - it will save you from rubbing and irritation of the skin. If you decide to purchase leather bracelet that will be tightly encircled on the wrist, choose a soft material – you can find a lot of soft leather bracelets in Bling Geek.

Whatever bracelet style you need or want we have it here and it will fit your style perfectly.

The bracelets are divine jewelry because they bring beauty and charm in their holders. Each person stops at different bracelet model according to his own taste. However, one thing is certain - beautiful bracelets are always in vogue and will contribute to life full of grace!