Beautiful Belly Navel Piercings in Bling Geek

If you are looking for a fancy but still trendy belly button piercing, you will find on this page. You have the choice between different designs and materials. There are abdominal piercings made of UV acrylic, gold plated, titanium, surgical steel and PTFE. There are simple navel piercings, for those who like discreet or flashy, for all those who like it more colorful. You can select from different colors. These belly button rings are so comfortable to wear, you do not feel them at all. In addition, there are different motifs, such as crystals. In Bling Geek there is belly button ring for any taste. Have fun browsing our models and if you have any questions you can contact us.

Belly Button rings

A belly button ring is a pretty body charm that fits into every belly button. Women are increasingly attracted to the seductive accessory. The button rings are usually hidden and discreet jewelry and may only appear on the beach, in the swimming pool or in the bedroom. So it has to be a special, real eye-catcher accessory.

This piercing is without a doubt sexy, sensual and seductive at the same time. With the right belly button ring from, your imagination is the only limit. Whether with a pink navel ring made of surgical steel or a highly polished gold plated belly ring with zircon crystals you will surely find your special belly button ring here.

Belly Button Piercings at low prices

For many years, a belly button piercing has been one of the most popular types of piercings for women, especially those who can’t wear piercing because of their profession. You can easily hide it. A navel piercing looks very attractive and attracts a lot of looks, especially in the summer on the beach. The other good thing at our jewelry are their price and free worldwide shipping. You can find your favorite model and it won’t cost you a fortune.

We also offer abdominal piercing for pregnant women. The abdomen ring rings are made of flexible antiallergic material, e.g. Bioplast (Bioflex) and are longer than a normal abdominal piercing (10mm) to not grow. The belly-shaped jewelry for pregnant women often has beautiful charms with a heart. For pregnant women, charms with hearts are particularly popular.

The pricking for an abdominal piercing costs between 40 € and 80 €. You should make sure that the studio is clean and the tools are sterile. We recommend that you have a piercing pierced only with a piercer, who has at least one certificate for his sterile studio.

Can Men Buy Belly Navel Piercings?

More and more men also opt for a belly hook piercing. Many women find this very attractive with their men. Men can also buy an appropriate belly button ring in our online shop. We recommend them rather simple models of titanium or surgical steel. You should consider the length of the jewel.

Do not wait any longer and try the beautiful belly button rings at