Learn about the wide selection of sterling silver anklets and toe rings on Bling Geek

The anklet has become a timeless and popular fashion accessory. Especially in the months of the half-shoes, sandals, and ballerinas, woman decorated their ankle with an outfit suitable chain. Whether striking and studded, made of leather, or simple and discreet in silver - discover our ankle chains in various shapes and materials. In the large assortment of Bling Geek, you will surely find the matching anklet, which can also be combined with your other jewelry.

Your personal favorite accessory: an individually manufactured sterling silver anklet

Since our designers make all ankle chains by hand, each chain is unique. Special attention is paid to clean workmanship and individual, unusual designs. And because anklets are worn not only during the day but also often during the night, they are made of robust materials. Handmade anklets have the potential to become a personal favorite accessory for years to come. Because they have a very special charm on them. Made of materials such as glass beads, crystal glass, natural stones or small bells, you can find any kind of anklets. Choose this jewel with a summer-colorful, romantic or adventurous charisma. Add that special touch to your outfit.

On Bling Geek you can get inspired by the large selection of anklets. Gifts are even more special if they are unique. Discover the collection of Bling Geek and find matching earrings or necklaces for your anklet. Create your own style. Discover the imagination and the attention to detail of the designers. The ever-growing assortment offers the opportunity to meet new models and materials every single day.

Tips and trends around anklets

They remind us of relaxing holidays, warm summer days: we connect many positive memories with anklets. In the 90s they were an absolute trend and now are finally back. They give Summer combinations of skirts, shorts, and sandals. And now they are more stylish and more charming than ever!

Versatile and so exciting - the new anklets

The new anklets are still delicate and fine, but much more stylish and beautiful. Although they were often colorful in the past and have only been suitable for holidays, the light pieces of jewelry are now fitting into our everyday life. Whether for city strolls, for a party or for a visit to the outdoor swimming pool - the petite chains have their place in almost every look. Because of the sterling silver material with delicate charms on them, anklets should be one of the main jewels especially for the summer days.

Conclusion: Long forgotten and now again here!

Only a few accessories find a place in our everyday life. Anklets are one of this jewelry. They have a steep career behind them: already in the 90s they are modern, they are back on the fashion floor this season and are now more stylish than ever. They fit not only with dresses but also will give your jeans and culottes the finishing touch. Just try the combination of printed t-shirt, jeans-culotte and simple sneakers with an anklet and you are up to date!